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Kingdom Hearts - Destiny OT3

Clinging to the planet's surface, glued on by fangirl French and a bubble-wrap will.


November 9th, 2006

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Saix - je chante
moved to zweihand. huzzah.

September 17th, 2006

Much ado about nothing.

Greed - quiet moment

September 16th, 2006


Demyx - nobody who are you
The Wii comes out in November. As such, so does the Wii version of Twilight Princess. The GameCube version comes out at some unannounced point in December? Vaguely annoyed, although I shouldn't be. Not like they owe anything.

Also, getting (hopefully) two RPGs in October and a third in November. And two of them are Final Fantasies. With customization yay! so. uh. I'll probably be busy well past whenever the hell they release the Zelda for the Cuber. Cuber Tuber.

...They should make a video game console (or handheld) called the Potato. Just sayin'.

Want to watch Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. However, would cost a lot to acquire. Damnit.

Still need to clean out icons. meh.

September 10th, 2006

FOUND CD. Judging from the state in which I found it, apparently I had found it earlier and forgot about it. hooray y/n?

Music-related, lately have heard strange instances of rather geeky songs being played as background music in nonfiction shows. First was the opening bit of Oogie Boogie's Song in a show about what the universe is composed of, the second was the Dark World overworld theme from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in... I dunno, some sort of crime show, I think it was, except I keep thinking it was on the History Channel, which doesn't do crime shows. I think. Anyway.

Getting mildly better at driving the truck. Actually have started driving on the road for short distances and going ~15-20 MPH. yay! My ability to drive the lawnmower seems to be failing, though. I blame the love bugs. They fly right at your fucking face. Are they carnivorous? Or are they like ReDead from LoZ and try to kill you by going "yarr yarr hump hump" until now you dead from perv. MYSTERY. they had nothing to do with me forgetting to hold onto my CD player when starting the lawnmower, resulting in it falling off to the side onto the ground, though. that was pure, shining personal dumbassery that I really should not be admitting to. whups.

Considering most of my entries are "raar! mah anger problems go boom!" or "*geekgeekgeekgeek*" (and most of my comments are "PLEASE EXPLAIN IN SMALL WORDS" or "hurr i m tardery" or apologizing for one of the previous), I sure have a fuck of a lot of sad icons. I tried to do that "explain every something-odd (seventh, tenth, whatever) icon that you possess" meme, but most of them weren't very different from each other so I gave up. Should probably go through and delete a lot of them when I'm feeling less lazy. This may take a while.


teehee, Mr. T - real men say teehee!
Love this song. SO MUCH. Oh, Prince of Egypt soundtrack, I missed you so. Now I just need to find my Nickelback CD. I just got that thing last Christmas, I like the songs, I CAN'T LOSE IT YET. *flail*

Mother just deposited a number of cleaning supplies onto my bed. I think she's trying to hint at something. MYSTERY.

Been studying patterns in RPG "archetypes" lately. ...'cause apparently I have nothing better to do. ignore the planning stages of a novel idea in the corner, it whispers lies and feasts on the flesh of babes ...Nothing to really say there. But I think I need a better hobby.

*gets around the cleaning. ...sort of*

August 31st, 2006

(no subject)

Naminé - needs more porn
...so. yeah. I can't color.Collapse )

So ignore the coloring job in favor of boggling at the sparkles.

...really, you should probably ignore the drawing, too. Just... go "..." at at the sparkles. Yes.


August 28th, 2006


Demyx - arrgh arrgh arrgh
*tries to listen to music on computer*

speakers: lol :D :D :D *stop working, make irritating crackling noises instead*



okay, nevermind, it's just one speaker that doesn't work. ...the one with the controls on it. *growlsnap*

Also, dear LJ: please stop pretending I'm posting my posts several hours into the future. Thank you.


Please feel free to give me grievous bodily harm. Or something. Anyway.


(no subject)

Sora - space cadet, *ditz*
Has anyone else's cat ever gotten their teeth stuck in their collar, or is my cat just "special" in this regard?

LJ has new, Vox-esque themes. Huh.

Trying to limit online time. So. Anyway.



An even better idea than Snakes on a Plane!

August 26th, 2006

F U, George Washington.

Bleach - IchiGan close & personal
Sometimes my computer is annoying. If I ever get another computer, I'm naming that one after someone/something/whatever not dead. >| This one seems to like trying to pretend to be its namesake.

In other news, watched the Silent Hill movie yesterday. ...kinda confused. Anyway.


August 24th, 2006

Fun: singing/humming along badly with Aerith's Theme

Less fun: getting a throatache from singing/humming along badly with Aerith's Theme

Still want practically every official version ever made of this song, though. And if they've never made a guitar instrumental sort of thing of it, there is something deeply wrong, 'cause that'd be great. ...Yes.

reminder to selfCollapse )

Need a name for a fictional world. Meh. *thinkthinkthink* May use a star name or something just because I'm aggressively stupid. ...Yes.

*slight headache*
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